Terms & conditions

This website is owned and operated by Bhavik Patel. This page contains privacy and legal policies regarding your personal information and content on this site.

Privacy policy

Your personal information such your name, email address, gender, birth date are collected from website registration form or it can be fetched from github account. Your personal information are stored as encrypted in our database. We do not share these information with anyone within our organization and outside organization

We also do not use your personal information for any marketing purpose. Your personal data collected for registration purpose and login into website only.

Apart from personal information we may collect your IP address, browser information to serves you better. These information can be used to analyze website visitor and to improve website and nishchay framework.


Upon registering to this website either via website registration form or login with github, you are agreeing to provide us your personal information. You can send an email to support@nishchay.io if you find someone has used your email address in our website.

Your reading progress is tracked and can only be seen by you. We may use these data to analyze nishchay framework features and to provide you suggestions. We do not use these data for marketing or any other purpose.

Notes added to any learning center topic are visible to you only. These notes are for your use only. Notes once added are not physically removed from database, once you delete any note it is mark as deleted. We do not maintain notes edit history.


When you request free seminar you are agreeing to provide us your personal information and you also agree with terms mentioned here and in same request we create account if requester' email address is not registered in our website. We also inform same to requester in seminar notification mail.

Upon submitting seminar request, website admin verifies all details provided in seminar request and requester profile information.

Website admin and owner has right to accept or reject seminar request based on provided detail and profile information. If we find any misuse of information, we may ban requester profile.

Account termination

We may terminate your account if it is found that information provided by you not belongs to you. We may identify if we receive such report for an account.

Website currently does not provide account termination feature. If you still want to terminate your account you can you can email to from registered email address to support@nishchay.io.

In case your account has been terminated, we do not physically remove your data including notes, reading progress after termination of your account. You can also register using same email address again but you won't be able to see your old data again.

If you cancel your account using link which was sent along with verification link in welcome mail to your email address, we completely remove your data from our side.


Website search is works on your browsing activity within Learning Center only. Your search texts are stored for analyze purpose to improve website and your future search results.

Search activity does not stores your account information. Search data are stored independent to your account. These search data does not have any relation to your account. We collect these data with the help of google analytics.

Change of Policies

Above listed policies may change based on website feature change and/or for the privacy and safety of user. If there's any change in policies you might get notification in your nishchay account.

This policy last updated on 9th August 2020