Your Own Setting

To create our own setting which might be required for application, place php file inside settings/configuration directory. Setting file must return array just like as shown below:

return [
    'githubApiKey' => 'GITHUB_API_KEY',
    'googleMapKey' => 'GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY'

Let's call this file credentials.php. To fetch value of githubAppKey from this setting file, use getSetting method of Nishchay facade class. See below code for how to fetch setting.


If settings are nested then separate it by dot where first part should be file name without its extension. Let's change above setting to understand how nested can read.

return [
    'github' => [
        'apiUrl' => '',
        'apiKey' => 'GITHUB_API_KEY'

Now to read apiKey we need to change our parameter to method getSetting.