Language/Translations settings

Language settings contains configurations like setting main or default locale. Here we can also specify language directory where all translations are located. Language setting is located at settings/configuration/lang.php.

Set locale

Inside locale section we can define main or default locale. main is main locale for the application. If translation does not found in main locale then default locale. IF translation does not found in both of these locale then exception is thrown.

Name Description
main Main locale from which translation will be fetched.
default If the translation does not found in main locale then translation fetched from below mentioned locale. If default locale is not valid or does not contains translation then exception is thrown.
Translations type

We can store translations into files or db and this can be specified in type setting. Value of type can be db or file. Based on this setting its related setting also need to be configured.


When we store translations into files, below settings need to be configured in file section. We can store translations into JSON or PHP file.

Name Description
type Type of file JSON or PHP
path Path where translations are stored.

For translations which are stored in database below settings need to be configured in db section.

Name Description
connection Database connection name. Keep it null to use default database connection
localeAs Set column, if we are storing translations in one table otherwise it should be table which allows us storing translation into its own table for locale. Locale table name follows AppLang{locale} format. Example: For locale english, table will be AppLangEnglish
table Applicable only when localeAs is column. Specify table name where translations are stored.
cacheExpiry Cache expiry for translations loaded form database. Set it to false to disable caching

Its good to have cache enabled for translations stored in database because it will prevent frequent query to db.

Whenever translations are updated and we have caching enabled, we need to clear cache so that application gets updated translations. We can get cache key by calling below method.

$cachKey = Nishchay::getLang()
                ->getCacheKey('english', 'english');

We might need to create MD5 of cacheKey, if hash = true to set in cache config. Here first parameter of getCacheKey is locale and second is namespace.

NOTE: Root namesapce should be same as locale name.