Request Store

Nishchay\Http\Request\RequestStore class intended to store request data so that it can be used from anywhere. RequestStore has several static method using which we can add, update, remove and get data. These data are available for each stages of request and it gets destroy when request ends. Request store data is know by its name and name must be string.

Request store data are converted to variable by naming it with data name. All added data array available to view as variable.


Method add always adds data. If data being added is already been added it throws exception.

RequestStore::add('title', 'Nishchay');

To add multiple data at time, pass list of data in array where key should be name of data.

We can prevent exception which is thrown when data already exists by passing third parameter as true.


Using get method we can access data stored in store. It returns false if data with the name not found in store.


It can return fallback value if data with the name not found in store, this can be done passing fallback value in second argument.

RequestStore::get('title', 'Nishchay');

Above code will response with Nishchay if data with name title does not found in request store.


Use update method to update request store data. If data not found, it returns false.

RequestStore::update('title', 'Nishchay');

set method adds data if it does not exist otherwise it updates it.

RequestStore::set('title', 'Nishchay');

Above will add title to store if it is not already been added otherwise it updates it. We can pass array of data with key being data name to update or add multiple data at time. This method returns number of data update or added to request store.


Added data can also be removed using remove method. We can remove one data at time.


If data to remove does not found in request store then this method returns false.

Get all data

Using getAll method we can get all added data. It returns array, key being data name.

Get type of data

Using getType, we can get type of data of given data name. It returns class name of data, if its an object. If data does not exists in request store then it returns false.