Nishchay supports two caching servers memcached and redisdb. To make caching work caching server and its extensions must be installed.

Settings related to cache are contained in settings/configuration/cache.php file.

Cache instance

Cache instance of any config can get using Nishchay::getCache method. This method accepts one optional parameter.


Above will return instance of cache handler of default config. To get instance of specified config pass config name:


All of the methods of cache instance are same for both cache server and it also works same.

Add/update item

To update or add an item into cache call set method. This method has following parameters:

Name Description
key Key for the item
value Item value
expiration Expiration time in seconds for the item. Default is zero(No to expire).


Nishchay::getCache()->set('key', 'value', 1000);
Add/update multiple

To add multiple items at a time call setMulti. This method returns count of item which has been added or updated in cache. Each element of an items must be in key, value and expiration order. We can omit expiration value to make item not to expire.

    ['key1', 'value1', 1000] # Add key1 with value1 having expiration of 1000 seconds
    ['key2', 'value2'] # Add key2 with value2 having no expiration
Add item

Method add item only if it does not already exists in cache:

Nishchay::getCache()->add('key', 'value', 1000);

Parameter of this method are same as set method.


Using get method we can get an item from cache, this method returns null if there's no item for the passed key.

$item = Nishchay::getCache()->get('key');
Get multiple

We can also get multiple items at item. If there's no item for the key it returns null for it:

$items = Nishchay::getCache()->getMulti(['key1', 'key2']);
Remove item

To remove an item from cache, call remove method with key. It returns true, if item has been removed from cache.

Remove multiple items

To remove multiple items at a time pass list of keys which need to be removed in removeMulti method:

Nishchay::getCache()->removeMulti(['key1', 'key2']);
Replace item

Replace method works same as set method but method does not adds item if it does not exists. It returns false if item does not exists in cache:

Nishchay::getCache()->replace('key', 'value', 1000);