Before you start

You can contribute to any pages by improving its content including this page. If you are not able to locate where to make change for such pages or sentences or whole topic. You can ask us and we will help you with that. You can ask on twitter, facebook or other social media handler of nishchay framework. You can directly send us message on any of social media platform.


All of the translation such as sentences or word stored in sentence directory while other translations such whole page or learning center docs are stored in static directory.

Your must be familiar with markdown content because static contents are written markdown format. If you have never used markdown, don't worry its very easy. Please learn here.

Setting up work environment

Once you install required prerequisite and framework

  1. Create Github if you don't have
  2. Fork Translations repo. Go to Nishchay website translations and click on fork.

  3. Point translations to your forked repo

git remote add origin
  1. Now you should add upstream repo as a remote
git remote add upstream
  1. Create new branch from master
git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME master
Submit work

Before you submit your work, you should update your branch

git checkout master
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master
git checkout BRANCH_NAME
git rebase master

Push your changes to remote

git add
git commit -m "{MESSAGE}"
git push origin BRANCH_NAME
Pull request

You can create pull request here.